Production and Service



The production process of each machine or construction begins with preparing of drawing documentation. On it’s basis there can be started the manufacturing process.

To the production of machines, we use usually an elements cutted by a laser cutting tools and bent by folding brake. Manufacturing of supporting structures or machine frames is an additional scope made in our workshop.

The penultimate production phase is corrosion protection. We perform shot blasting and hydrodynamic painting according to customer requirements. It is also possible to make constructions or machine elements protected by hot-dip galvanizing.
The final phase of production is assembly of all components to complete machine and accomplishing of other installations, e.g. electrical or hydraulic. The test run ends the manufacturing process and the shipment of the completed machine to the customer can be released.


Supplier’s warranty service is valid during agreed time after the commissioning of each installation to the purchaser. We are able to offer our post-warranty service, too.

Our goal is to offer our customers the support with servicing and maintenance of machines or entire installations.

Examples of components, which can be provided by our service:

  • conveyor drums
  • conveyor chains and rollers
  • sorting drums
  • sieve plates for sorting drums
  • consumables of ballistic separators