Air ballistic separators

The main purpose of their use is to separate a lightweight materials from the massive elements. It can be achieved by using an air flow with regulated flow rate. The expansion chamber built above the lightweight fraction conveyor, normalizes the parameters of the blowed material. That important function of the expansion chamber has an influence on the higher efficiency of the separator.

Chain conveyors – strengthen version

The heavy construction with a belt’s width up to 2 m, allows to the transport of materials with high bulk density, e.g. feeding material to shredders or balers. The possibility of shaping the conveyor’s upper part curving allows for transport of the materials to high altitude and save the usable area.

Chain conveyors – light version

They are made with using the lighter construction version. This type of machine allows for very stable transport of lightweight fractions such as plastics or alternative fuels RDF.

In comparison to conveyors with rollers, they provide much greater operational reliability and the maintenance-free.

Chain conveyors – banana shape version

In case of a high efficiency is required or the work space is limited, a double lifting chain conveyors can be a very good solution. The possibility of the belt and chain reverse operation ensure high efficiency of their work.

Sliding coveyors

They are used to transport of a heavy bulk materials and mixed municipal waste. In addition to using them as sorting equipment, they can be used as feeding, bunker or channel conveyors.

Accelerating conveyors

The conveyors with sliding table are used as an accelerating conveyors to proper spread of the material on the belt. In comprehensive solutions, they are connected with separators (e.g. optical). Usually they are manufactured with belt up to 3 m wide.

Roller conveyors

They are adapted to transport of input raw materials and lighter waste with a medium bulk weight. They are used as basic conveyors for non-segregated materials and can be mounted also in composting installations.

Mobile conveyors

In case of the conveyor will not be used as stationary equipment, the mobile version of it may be applied. It allow to achieve the same efficiency. The example of such a practical solution is the conveyor for feeding of the 3-chamber vertical press.

Conveyors with PCV belt

Conveyors with a sliding table and PCV belt are use in plants producing cardboard packaging. Their lightweight construction is sufficient to transport of paper and cardboard waste.

Ballistic separators

They enable separation of a lightweight, but large format waste (2D) as foil, paper and cardboard from a heavier, hard and rolling waste (3D) as PET bottles or other packaging. They ensure an efficient work of the installation, due to an appropriate design of it’s construction.

Sorting screen drum

Sorting screens are the basic machines of each technological line, which are use for mechanical waste segregation. They preliminary separate a waste into a minimum two fractions. Their task is also to crumble the waste before being put on the line. The selection of the screen’s body and mesh size/shape depends on the type of raw material to segregation.

Membrane rolling machine

They are used as a mobile equipment in composting systems, whose main task is to unroll and spread the special membranes on a compost heap. Covering of the compost heap with the membrane ensures the correct process of biostabilization.